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APA 7th Edition Referencing Guide

A Wintec Library guide to referencing in APA 7th edition style

Referencing Visible Body software

Visible Body (Desktop | Mobile). Click here to check system requirements.

Information required to reference Visible Body Apps:

  • Author and date
  • Name of specific app used
  • App version number
  • Either [Computer software] or [Mobile App]
  • Publisher name or App Store/Google Play Store
  • URL


Reference list entry

Argosy Publishing. (2020). Human anatomy atlas (Version 2020.0) [Computer software]. Visible Body. 

In-text citations

As Argosy Publishing's (2020) Human Anatomy Atlas depicts...

... (Argosy Publishing, 2020).

Reference list entry

Argosy Publishing. (2018). Visible body: Muscle premium (Version 7.1.08) [Mobile app]. App Store.

In-text citations

As Argosy Publishing's (2018) Muscle Premium software demonstrates...

... (Argosy Publishing, 2018).

Referencing an image/screen capture from Visible Body software

Label the image/screen capture with a Figure. Use the name of the part of the body you are exploring in the software (e.g., Thoracic cavity, Skull, Vasculature of the brain) as the title of the image. 

Figure 1

Thoracic Cavity 

(Argosy Publishing, 2018)

Reference list entry

Simply reference the appropriate Visible Body software—see examples previous section.

In-text citations

As Figure 1 clearly depicts, the thoracic cavity contains...

The thoracic cavity (see Figure 1) contains...

Because the image caption contains the information an in-text citation would normally, simply refer to the relevant Figure in the body of your assignment.
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