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Nursing / Mohimohi: Journal Articles and Databases

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Journals / Hautaka

  Journals and Magazines at Wintec Library 

Journals (also known as periodicals, serials or magazines) are a great resource for you to use both in your studies now and to keep you up-to-date in the workforce later. We hold a selection of physical journals here in the library as well as a range of online resources.

While we have a large collection of physical journals held in the library, one of the best ways for you to find academic resources for your research is via the online journals we subscribe to.  These can be searched via OneSearch or via separate databases.

Useful Databases

While you are studying at Wintec you have access to a variety of databases to help you find relevant resources.  Databases are a one-stop-shop for a range of published works, particularly academic/scholarly/peer-reviewed journal articles.  Our databases can be accessed via the Library Webpage.

The databases that you will find most useful to your studies are listed below, most of these are accessible via the Wintec Library and others are links to open access databases and resources.

EBSCOhost Nursing and healthcare databases


Nursing and healthcare databases

General databases


OneSearch is Wintec Library's Search Engine

Use OneSearch to search across Wintec Library's resources with one search box

This LibGuide has broken down how to search for the different types of resources available to you.  You can also use OneSearch to search across almost all of the Library's resources at once.  Have a look at the tips below to find out how it works.

How do I use OneSearch?

You access the OneSearch search bar from the Wintec Library's webpage.

Type your keywords into the search box.  I would recommend clicking on Advanced OneSearch as that takes you to an advanced search page where you can use multiple boxes for your keywords and broaden or narrow your search using AND/OR/NOT (you'll see a drop down arrow after AND). 

Once you have entered some keywords and submitted your search you will be shown results of your search.  You will see a column on the left-hand side of the page entitled "Refine your search".  Here you can further narrow your search results to better suit the needs of your research, for example you might like to narrow your results to the last 5 years or to only include peer reviewed academic journal articles.


Please contact your Liaison Librarian or come into the Library to ask one of our team for more help using OneSearch

How to reference a journal article in APA 7th

Clinical Key

With ClinicalKey Student, you have access to leading medical and nursing content, video resources and powerful study tools to help you study smarter. 

Click here to access Clinical Key. Please note you will need to register to access this resource.

Click here for a quick video tutorial on how to use this database. Please note that not all products mentioned in the tutorial are included in our subscription.


Nursing Print serials

Kai Tiaki Nursing Research Journal

NZNO launched a second journal, Kai Tiaki Nursing Research, in 2010. This is an annual journal showcasing New Zealand nursing research.

It publishes original, full-length research manuscripts from New Zealand-based nurse researchers (or other researchers where the research can be shown to have particular relevance to nursing in New Zealand).


You can also access copies of  Kai Tiaki Nursing Research free from the members page. 

MIMS New Ethicals

MIMS New Ethicals is the print solution to your New Zealand medicine information requirements. It includes access to MIMS Quick Reference, as well as a selection of therapeutic guidelines, manufacturer contact details and therapeutic class prescribing reminders. Pharmac and HML flags are included, as well as WADA drugs in sport information and ADEC pregnancy codes



NZ Nursing Review

Nursing Review, the independent multimedia platform for New Zealand’s nurses, has been published by NZME. Educational Media since 2001. Five print editions of Nursing Review are published each year featuring articles on a range of themes of special interest to nurses as well as news, opinions, research and a well-regarded professional development article and learning activity each edition. The popular print editions are delivered to our subscribers as well as a copy going to every hospital ward and general practice in the country.

Additional online journals and sites

Help using OneSearch & databases

Need help using OneSearch & databases?

OneSearch in 8 Simple Steps (2:53 min)

Finding resources on EBSCOhost: Part 1 - Searching (1:59 min)

Why use Journal articles?

 Advantages of using journal articles:

► Journal articles are usually reports based on actual research that has been done in your area, this is one of the reasons why they are so important to use within your own research.

 ► If the article is peer reviewed, then it has already gone through a form of quality check, (but you should still check the information against other sources for currency, inconsistencies, and bias).

► Articles can address quite specific areas of concern, so will often be very focused on an issue affecting a particular population.

Disadvantages of using articles:

► Because articles are often aimed at the academic audience, the language used can be complex, technical, and at a very high level.

► The narrow focus of an article can mean that you lose the context, or bigger picture, of the issue.

► There is a time delay in publishing information.

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