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Communication: Journal

Communication is a broad area and opens the door to a variety of careers, depending on your preferences and skills.


  Journals and Magazines at Wintec Library 

Journals (also known as periodicals, serials or magazines) are a great resource for you to use both in your studies now and to keep you up-to-date in the workforce later. We hold a selection of physical journals here in the library as well as a range of online resources (see databases).

While we have a large collection of physical journals held in the library, one of the best ways for you to find academic resources for your research is via the online journals we subscribe to.  These can be searched as via OneSearch or via separate databases (see the Databases and OneSearch tab).

Why use Journal articles?

 Advantages of using journal articles:

 ► If the article is peer reviewed, then it has already gone through a form of quality check, (but you should still check the information against other sources for currency, inconsistencies, and bias).

► Articles tend to be short, sharp looks at an aspect of an issue. 

► Articles can address quite specific areas of concern, so will often be very focused on an issue affecting a particular population.


Disadvantages of using articles:

► Because articles are often aimed at the academic audience, the language used can be complex, technical, and at a very high level.

► The narrow focus of an article can mean that you lose the context, or bigger picture, of the issue.

► There is a time delay in publishing information.

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