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Metal, Welding, Mechanical, Machining and Fabrication Trades: Videos

Your one-stop-shop to Metal Trades resources

Using Videos

Videos are another great resource that you can use for your studies, not only can you reference them in your assignments, but you can watch them to help you get a better understanding of a topic that you are struggling with.  You may just want to watch a video for leisure while learning interesting information on your subject area at the same time!

Don't forget, that just because it is in documentary or lecture format, doesn't necessarily mean that the information is 100% correct.  You need to critically assess the information in the same manner you would a website.  The CRAAP test can help you to evaluate the content of a video.

There are a number of places you can go to find videos on various topics.  You can search for videos using your Keywords.

There are some examples of the types of videos you might find below.

Also check the Glacern Machine Tools YouTube channel link.


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This is a playlist of 100 Machine shop tips.


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100 More!

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