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Using OneSearch, eBooks & More

Using the Wintec Library Online Catalogue

Using the Wintec Library Online Catalogue

Finding what we have in the Library.

The Catalogue is on the Library website at the top of the Resources column, in the middle. You can use the Catalogue anywhere - even on your phone! - to see what we have in the Library.

The Catalogue has things we have in the Library, like books, CDs, DVDs, journals, magazines, and ESOL readers. It also has more than 140,000 online ebooks - which are exactly like regular books, just online.

(To learn more about our online ebooks, click Ebooks in the yellow tabs on the side.)


So, how do I find an item on the shelf?

Every item has a Call Number. You can find the Call Number on every item and on the Catalogue. In the books here, the Call Numbers start with 362.

A complete Call Number can be long, like the red book, 326.29088796 DRU, or short, but it will always have at least three numbers and three letters, and go in numerical order. 326 comes before 326.2.

When two books have the same number, you go by the letters in alphabetical order. DRU comes before LEN.

Look at the Call Numbers in the photo above, and see how they go in order:

  • 362.29088769 DRU
  • 362.29088796 DRU

These may be different books! Look carefully when you find your item.

  • 362.29088796 LEN
  • 362.29088796 MON
  • 362.29088796 TAY
  • 362.29088796 YES

These all have the same number, so they are in alphabetical order. LEN comes before MON comes before TAY comes before YES.

  • 362.2909 ROS

This one can be confusing! 3362.29088796 comes before 362.2909.


All of our shelves have signs telling you what Call Numbers are on that shelf. Find the shelf that has the right number range, and look for your Call Number!

At City Library, books from 001 to 649 are on the Ground Floor. Books from 650 to 999 are on Level 1, up the stairs. From 780 or so are in the big red Quiet Study Room.

When you come to the Library Desk to pick up a Course Reserve or Desk Loan item, please tell us the Call Number! We need that to find the book behind the Library Desk.

Tips for using the Catalogue

Tips for Using the Catalogue

Use Keyword search

You can search a lot of ways on the Catalogue, but the best is the Keyword search. This is how the page will open, it's easy, too!

Remember to use speech marks " " when searching more than one word, like "nursing theories"

If you don't use speech marks, you will get books on veterinary nursing and scientific theories. Using speech marks will get results about the thing you want.

"nursing theories" instead of nursing theories

"human resources" instead of human resources

"early childhood education" instead of early childhood education

Keep trying different keywords and search terms, and don't be afraid to ask a librarian to help!

When you find a book you want, click on the title. You can see if it is Available (on the shelf in the Library) at the bottom of the item record

This is an item record:

In the grey bar at the bottom you can see how many the Library has, where the itemsis shelved, and if it's Available or On loan. This book has three items at Wintec Library, and all are available.

Sometimes there are different kinds of items in one item record:

Look for the number available in the brackets (  ). This is how many items are on the shelf right now.

If you're confused or have any questions, just ask at the Library Desk!


If an item is On loan to someone else, you can Recall it

1. Click the Recall this item link where you see it in the brackets.

2. Log in using your Wintec username and password.

3. For most items choose Recall. For 3-Day Loan items, choose Hold.

4. Make sure you have chosen where you want to pick up the book, City or Rotokauri Library, and click Submit.

5. The person with the book now has a new due date, and will get an email telling them the new due date. As soon as they return the book, YOU will get an email telling you it is on hold for you at the Library.

Limit your search by type of item, Rotokauri or City, and year

Once you have searched for something, you can change the results of your search by limiting it to different things. This can be really useful!

Remember to spell things correctly, and to use the exact title or words you need.

If you use "nursing ethic" instead of "nursing ethics" or "communication skill" rather than "communication skills", you may not find your item as easily, and you may even see nothing at all!

If you keep seeing no results or the wrong results, get help from the Library Desk! :)


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