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ProQuest SciTech

Searching the ProQuest SciTech database

ProQuest is great for searching science. 

How to Search

1. Go to Proquest by clicking the link above or going to the Library website and clicking the Databases page and then ProQuest.

2. On the ProQuest search page, make sure to check the three boxes right under the search bar, Full text, Peer reviewed, and Scholarly journals. This will help you get the best results.



3. Use the search bars to type in your keywords. Add a row or Remove a row if you need more or fewer search bars. You can also use the AND, OR and NOT drop down menu to change your search.


If you're confused about keywords, we can help!


4. You can also select a date range on the search page, to see only results from certain years.


5. Click the green Search button to see your results!


6. Click one of the links at the bottom of each result to see the article in Full text, or to see a Full text - PDF, so you can download it. You can also click on the title to choose one of these options.


7. Your ProQuest PDF will look something like this. To download it, click the green Download PDF button on the right, or click the Download icon  . You can also Email it to yourself  .


8. You can use the Cite button to get an APA Reference, but remember, THIS IS NOT A CORRECT WINTEC APA REFERENCE! You will need to check this reference with the Wintec APA Referencing Guide and correct it.


  • Use quotation marks " " around phrases like "business ethics".
  • Use the drop-down menu of AND, OR and NOT to help you change your search.
  • Mix up your keywords, try new ones, use a thesaurus or read through Wikipedia to come up with similar and related words, and keep trying!
  • Use the date range bar to change the dates of the results you see. You will have to click Update.
  • You can always email your Liaison Librarian or come to the Library Desk for help with your search on ProQuest.
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