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Using OneSearch, eBooks & More

Pros & Cons: Searching the Databases vs Using Google Scholar


Searching the Databases vs Using Google Scholar

Which should I use?

Using Google Scholar and Wintec Article Finder to search the Wintec Library databases can be really great, but you may want to search the databases on their own instead. Here's why!

When using Google Scholar...

  • It's quick and easy - you can search across the biggest Wintec Library databases at once.
  • Google Scholar will correct your spelling! The databases won't give you results if you spell something wrong.
  • Sometimes there is a PDF or an article that we don't have on our databases. Cool!

When searching the Databases...

  • You can use Full Text (on ScienceDirect: Subscribed Publications, and Open Access) and Scholarly (Peer-Reviewed) Journals to make your searches better.
  • You can change the dates of your results.
  • Your search can be much more specific, giving you better results.
  • By using OneSearch you are searching databases and articles which are not indexed by Google Scholar, and you always get full text access. You will also be able to restrict by date, and often get encyclopedia articles on your topic

Google Scholar

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is the academic part of Google. You can search just like on normal Google, but you'll find academic information to use in your assignments. Alternatively you can use OneSearch, which will search most of the Library's databases at once.

Plus: You can search Wintec Library's databases of journal articles through Google Scholar! If you're at Wintec, go to (or Google search 'Google Scholar'). At home, or on your own phone or laptop or tablet, follow the steps below.

Searching Google Scholar

Searching Google Scholar

What's the difference between Google and Google Scholar?

Google is for the whole internet.

Google Scholar is for academic information on the internet - journal articles, research papers, and published studies. Google Scholar can also be linked to the Wintec Library databases to find journal articles and information for your assignments. Look in the box below for how to do that.

The easiest way to get to Google Scholar to start searching is to Google 'Google Scholar'! Seems silly, doesn't it?


I also linked it above!

From the Google Scholar search page, you can check your Settings and make sure that your Library Links have the Waikato Institute of Technology box checked. (If you are at Wintec, you don't need to do this. Only do this at home.)

Now, you can do your search!


I've searched acculturation. Here are my results:


The main thing I want to see when I search Google Scholar at Wintec are the Wintec Article Finder links. If I click the second one, I see this:


I need to click to get to my article. Then I can read it or download it.


This is an article in the EBSCOhost database. Depending which database your Wintec Article Finder article is in, you may see something a bit different.

If you need any help, ask your tutor, email your Subject Librarian or ask at the Library Desk!

Setting Up Wintec Article Finder At Home

Setting up Wintec Article Finder on Google Scholar at home

1. Go to (or Google search 'Google Scholar').

2. Click on Settings. Depending on your browser, this can be in different places.
3. Click the third option, Library Links:

4. Search 'Wintec', and make sure the box is checked:

5. Save, and have fun searching!

NOTE: Remember, only the Wintec Article Finder link will take you through to the Wintec Library databases. Click that link to get to the article you've found. Clicking the title of an article will not get you on the Wintec Library databases.

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