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Downloading a PDF and saving in OneDrive

    Downloading a PDF and Saving It Safely in OneDrive

If you upload a PDF of a journal article to your Wintec OneDrive online storage, you can login and read the PDF from any computer with internet - even on your phone!

1. Download and save the PDF to your computer Desktop, or it might save automatically in Downloads. You do this differently in each database, so ask for help if you are confused! You might see something like this symbol:    or this link:

2. Once the PDF is on your Desktop or in Downloads, login to MyLearning. If you are at Wintec logged in to a Wintec computer, all you have to do is open Internet Explorer!

3. At home or somewhere else, you need to login to MyLearning and then open your Wintec online storage, OneDrive. You can get to MyLearning on the Wintec Public website, up at the top in the black bar. You can find OneDrive in the same place you find your Wintec email, in the white dots in the top left corner. Click the dots, and then click OneDrive to open it.


4. Your OneDrive will look something like this:

5. To upload your PDF to OneDrive, click Upload.

6. Find your PDF on the Desktop or in Downloads. Click it to select it, and then click Open.

7. You should now see your PDF in your OneDrive, ready to use whenever and wherever!



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