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Using the Catalogue

You should always start your search for books at the catalogue, even if you know the general area where the books you need are shelved in the library.  The catalogue can tell you exactly where on the shelves the book you need is, which campus it is in and if it is available. 

Browsing the shelves can be a useful way of finding books, but the catalogue will not only also let you know about eBooks, but also the different places books on your topic will be shelved. 

Why use books?

Advantages of using books:

  • There is already a form of quality check done on the through the editing process. But this doesn't mean that mistakes can't be made... check all the information you find against other sources for inconsistencies and bias.
  • Provides and overview of the topic and helps you put the issue into context.

Disadvantages of using books:

  • There is a time delay in publishing information; so very new groups, or movements, may not have much written about them.

How to reference a book in APA 7th

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