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Academic Integrity: International Academic Integrity

Home page for all things Academic Integrity
Academic Integrity can be a hard concept to understand when you start studying in a new place!
Here you can find some resources which will help you understand studying at Wintec as an international student.

Referencing Books for APA 7

Wintec APA 7 Referencing Guide

For help with referencing, check out the Wintec Library APA 7 Referencing Guide.

The Plagiarism Spectrum

Information on different types of plagiarism, their names, and examples, so you can avoid committing plagiarism in your own work.

ENAI Academic Integrity Glossary

A more comprehensive glossary of Academic Integrity terms and definitions by ENAI (European Network for Academic Integrity).

Acceptable/Unacceptable Copying Video

Say No to Friends and Toxic "Help"

The University of California San Diego has some helpful tips on how to uphold Academic Integrity standards in tricky situations when friends ask for help. 


Click on the blue hyperlinked words in the left column to get the definitions.

Remember, in an academic setting, these words often have different meanings than in general English. Make sure you look at the definition listed in the right-hand column below.

To acknowledge a source or an author see definitions 1, 2 & 3a
To attribute see definition 2

An attribution

Note: an attribution can be true or false

see definition 1.3 (verb)

To cheat; cheating

Note: cheating can be unintentional or accidental as well as intentional

see definition 1
A citation see definition 1
To cite see definitions 1 & 2
To claim information as your own see definition 2b


Note: collaboration in your studies can be authorised or unauthorised

see definition 1

Common knowledge

Note: what is considered common knowledge can vary

see definition 1
To copy see definitions 2.2a & 2.2b (verb)
Copyright see definition 1

Copyright infringement

Note: copyright infringement is illegal

see definition 1
Credibility see definition 1
Data see definition 1
Deceit see definition 1
Dishonesty see definition 1
Disciplinary see definition 1
Ethical see definitions 1 & 2
Evidence see definitions 1.1a & 1.2 (noun)
To fabricate data or information see definition 2
Fraud see all definitions
To ghostwrite see definition 1
To give credit to someone or something see definition 2
To give credit where credit is due see definition 1
Good intentions see definition 1
Group work see definition 1
Honesty see definitions 1 & 2
To impersonate see definition 1
Impersonation see definition 1
In-text citation see first two sections
Independent work or research see definition 2
To make up results see definition 3
To misattribute see definition 1
Moral see definitions 1, 2, 3 & 4
Original work see definition 3
To paraphrase see definition 1


Note: paraphrasing can be unintentional or accidental as well as intentional

see definition 1

To plagiarise; also: to commit plagiarism

see definition 1


Note: plagiarism can be unintentional or accidental as well as intentional

see definition 1
A policy violation

for policy, see definition 1

for violation, see definition 1

A pre-written paper An already written or prepared assignment
A quote see definition 1
To quote see definition 1
To reference see definitions 1.1, 1.4, 2.1, 3.1 & 3.2
The reference list scroll down to see an example in the blue box
A reference management tool see all sections
Referencing see definition 13
A referencing style, i.e. APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard see top section
To recycle an assignment see definitions 1 & 2
To resubmit an assignment: to submit something again see definitions 1
To self-reference To reference your own work/past assignments
Turnitin see top section

Academic Writing Books for International Students

Academic Integrity Values

Study Guides for International Students

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