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AI Literacy Toolbox: Nau mai

A comprehensive guide to the limitations and uses of AI for academic and career purposes

Why you should explore this libguide

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming how we learn, work, and interact with information. Generative AI models, in particular, have emerged as powerful tools that can assist with a variety of educational tasks, from research and writing, to coding and content creation.

However, these AI tools also come with important limitations and considerations that you'll want to be aware of. This library guide will explore the potential benefits of leveraging AI for learning and assessment, while also critically examining the ethical, practical, and pedagogical implications of using generative AI systems.

By understanding both the capabilities and constraints of these technologies, you as a student, educator, or researcher can make informed decisions about when and how to utilise AI as part of your academic and professional workflow.

Created with the assistance of GenAI: Anthropic. (2024). Claude 3 haiku (March 4 version) [Large language model].

Contributors' note

AI technology is advancing at a rapid pace and the landscape is constantly shifting. As such, this guide is continually being developed and updated, with more content being added on a regular basis. So, watch this space...

AI specialist librarians

Merren Tait


  • Academic integrity and AI
  • GenAI limitations and ethics 

Kate Faldo

  • AI research tools for kaimahi and post-grad ākonga
  • Prompt language skills for research 


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