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Hair and Beauty: Presenting a Professional Image

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The importance of personal appearance in the beauty industry

Professional Image

It is very important to make sure that your personal presentation and hygiene is at the highest standard when working within a salon. Personal presentation as a hairdresser or beautician is very important as it is the first impression a client gets of you. If they don’t like the look of you, it is unlikely that they are going to feel comfortable and may not trust you to complete the treatments they require. Also if you do not trust the person who is going to be taking care of you on that particular day, chances are when they go to apply many of the exotic and expensive skin treatments they really won't be caring about your well-being. Your image is also supposed to reflect the industry (McCarthy, 2013, para 1). 

Articles from the Industry

Yur Topic Personal presentation as a hairdresser or beautician is very important.  Your image is also supposed to reflect the industry. When you look professional and tidy it suggests that you take pride in your workplace and what you do.

Hair and Beauty JobsThe name says it all really - "beauty industry". Beauty Therapists are in the profession of helping people look good and feel great.

Haiku Deck - Unit 102 Presenting a professional image in a salon.

Youtube video intro into Hair and Beauty sector - UV10343 intro into Hair and Beauty sector and Uv10344 presenting a professional image.

Flying Solo - The image we portray sends an important message to our clients, as well as influences how we feel about ourselves. Therefore, as soloists, we too need to consider our professional image and how to dress for success. 

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