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APA 6th Edition Referencing: Chapter in edited book

This is a Wintec guide to help you with referencing in the American Psychological Association (APA) style.

Chapter in edited book

Author of chapter, A. (Date of publication). Title of chapter. In E. Editor(s) of book (Ed.), Title of book in italics (edition information., pp. page range of chapter). Place of publication: Country (abbreviated state for USA): Publisher.

Example—reference list entry

Sturgess, A. (2011). Celebrating the square peg: Twice-exceptional learners. In R. Moltzen (Ed.), Gifted and talented: New Zealand perspectives (3rd ed., pp. 379-403). Auckland, New Zealand: Pearson.

In-text citations 
When citing in-text material by the author(s) of a chapter in an edited book, use the chapter author's name, the year of publication of the book, and the page number:

Example—in-text citation

Sturgess (2011) reports that … (p. 389).
 (Sturgess, 2011, p. 389).

Where do I find the author's name for a chapter in an edited book?

These are often listed at the beginning of each chapter, such as in Jarvis' Physical examination & health assessment, and Kozier and Erb's fundamentals of nursing.

However, they may not appear in the chapters themselves, but may be listed in the contents page of the book. In Understanding pathophysiology, the authors listed on the title page are not in fact responsible for all the chapters in the book. In the contents pages, under each chapter title, the authors responsible for writing that chapter are listed. For example:

20. The structure and function of the musculoskeletal system, 475 
Derek Nash

Another way authors may be listed is in the list of contributors. In Pillitteri's child and family health nursing in Australia and New Zealand, no authors are listed at the beginning of the chapters, or in the contents list, but there is a list of contributors, and under each it lists the chapter(s) they have written.

Sometimes contributors are listed with no attributed chapters. These do not need to be listed in the reference.

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