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The Copyright Act 1994, its amendments, and intellectual property guidelines for Wintec students & staff

Copyright law

All Wintec staff & students must comply with the Copyright Act 1994 and its subsequent amendments.

What is copyright?

Copyright provides creators of work protection so that their rights to remuneration and intellectual property are maintained. 

Copyright applies automatically when something is published. Even when the copyright symbol © is not shown, copyright applies. This includes:

  • Printed material (including training manuals, novels, song lyrics etc.

  • Computer programmes

  • Dramatic works

  • Musical works

  • Artistic works

  • Films

  • Radio & TV broadcasts

  • Page layouts

How long does copyright last?

Copyright lasts between 50 and 70 years from the end of the year in which the author died (depending on the country of origin).

If the author is an organisation e.g. World Health Organization, then copyright lasts for 100 years from the creation date.

Assume all material you use in your studies is protected by copyright, unless specifically stated.
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