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Students and staff at Wintec are authorised users of material provided by the library through subscriptions and license agreements with each provider. Some providers have specific usage requirements.  You must comply with the requirements for each resource as outlined below.

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Sage Journals

These notes are provided as guidance for Authorised Users. They do not replace the full Terms and Conditions (see below), and in the event of a difference between these and the full Terms and Conditions, the wording of the full Terms and Conditions takes precedence.

You qualify as an Authorised User of the SAGE Journals Material to which your institution has a paid electronic subscription if you are: a current member of the academic, library, research or equivalent staff; or an alumnus of the institution at the Site for which a license has been purchased; or a student actively and currently undertaking a course at the Site. If you are a physical visitor to the Library using a public access terminal, you may also be allowed to use the SAGE Journals Material.

You may

  1. access the Material
  2. search the Material
  3. download and/or view the Material
  4. print copies of the Material for your own private use
  5. make single printed or electronic copies of small amounts of the Material for your personal use only
  6. send a colleague a print or electronic copy of small amounts of the Material for their own private study or educational uses
  7. use small amounts of the Material in your own scholarly or educational works without further permission, but you must appropriately acknowledge the source of that Material
  8. use small amounts of the Material in course packs that you prepare for courses you teach
  9. use the Material for text and data mining

You may not

  1. give your password or login details to anyone not authorised to have them. if in doubt, you must check with the person who controls access to your institutional network before giving those details to anyone
  2. make the Material available to anyone not authorised to receive it
  3. make the Material available publicly
  4. use the Material for commercial purposes
  5. allow the Material to be used by others for commercial purposes
  6. use, or allow the Material to be used, in ways which would damage the commercial use of the Material by SAGE
  7. alter the Material or remove or obscure copyright notices from it


Note: Small amounts of the Material means not more than 10% of any individual book or journal issue contained in the product or not more than 5% of the total product. If you wish to use more, please contact the SAGE Permissions Department (

Mark Allen Journals

Permission is required to re-use any content published by Mark Allen Group (MAG), including but not limited to:

  • Reproducing any figure, table, complete articles, or other material published by MAG
  • Making printed copies of MAG content or reproducing MAG content in print format for newsletters, course packs, conference proceedings or handouts, or for commercial or promotional use
  • Electronically reproducing MAG content (PDF distribution; posting on websites or intranets; CD-ROMs; etc)

No commercial reuse of content is permitted without express written permission and on payment of a license fee; this includes Open Access content hosted on the MAG Online Library under the CC-BY-NC licence.

Note: The content of the Mark Allen Journals has been created with UK users in mind and this content may not be appropriate or lawful outside of the UK.


By accessing, viewing or using the website, you:

  • a. Warrant that you are an New Zealand qualified health care professional or you are using the content for educational and research purposes only, and are accessing the Website from within New Zealand.
  • b. Acknowledge that you will not rely on any of its contents, but will treat the information as being only of a general informational nature; and
  • c. Otherwise acknowledge, accept and agree to abide by these terms and conditions. (
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