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Animal Technology: Other Databases and Journals

Subject Guide for Animal technology, Veterinary Nursing and Animal Care

Magazines and Journals

The Veterinary Nurse is the leading international peer-reviewed journal for veterinary nurses. It publishes evidence-based clinical, educational and practical articles, in addition to the latest nurse-led veterinary research. It promotes gold standard care by supporting readers’ continuing professional development and by sharing best practice worldwide.

The New Zealand Veterinary Journal (NZVJ) is an international journal publishing high quality peer-reviewed articles covering all aspects of veterinary science, including clinical practice, animal welfare and animal health

Why use Journal articles?

 Advantages of using journal articles:

 ► If the article is peer reviewed, then it has already gone through a form of quality check, (but you should still check the information against other sources for currency, inconsistencies, and bias).

► Articles tend to be short, sharp looks at an aspect of an issue. 

► Articles can address quite specific areas of concern, so will often be very focused on an issue affecting a particular population.

► Journal articles are usually reports based on actual research that has been done in your area, this is one of the reasons why they are so important to use within your own research.


Disadvantages of using articles:

► Because articles are often aimed at the academic audience, the language used can be complex, technical, and at a very high level.

► The narrow focus of an article can mean that you lose the context, or bigger picture, of the issue.

► There is a time delay in publishing information.

MIMS IVS Database


MIMS IVS NZ Online is a database of over one thousand veterinary medicines and products available in New Zealand, with accompanying animal health and prescribing information. Click here to access it.

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