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Animal Technology: eBooks

Subject Guide for Animal technology, Veterinary Nursing and Animal Care


The library has a range of eBooks available.  You can search them either using the catalogue or via the separate platforms Proquest eBook Central.  You will need to use your Wintec username and password to log in.


Ebooks and how to use them? (2:09 min)

Using Proquest eBook Central

  • ProQuest Ebook Central (also available via Proquest) - Provides access to a growing collection of books and other content covering:
    • Arts & Humanities
    • Business & Economics,
    • Career & General Education
    • Computers, Engineering & Applied Science
    • Science, Medicine & Allied Health
    • Social & Behaviour Sciences

They can also be found by searching the Library Catalogue


Bridget Williams book titles can also be found by searching the Library Catalogue​ ​

Quick Start Tips: ProQuest eBook Central

Use Simple Search!

Use Simple Search, NOT the subjects. Remember to use speech marks " " when you have more than one word, like "veterinary nursing".

Choose the 'Read Online' option

Both at home and at Wintec, you should use the Read Online option. Add books you want to use to your Bookshelf, and use Bookmark and Highlight for your study.

Use your Bookshelf!

You can login to Proquest eBook Central with your Wintec username and password anywhere and find the ebooks in your Bookshelf at any time. No one else can see your Bookshelf. Nothing will disappear until you delete it. You can even organise your Bookshelf with folders!

You can Add to Bookshelf in three places:

1. When you first do a search and see an ebook. Look for:

2. On the title page of an ebook. Look for:

3. While you read an ebook. Look for:

Search within a book

This is the best feature of Proquest eBook Central! If you choose the Read Online option, you can search inside any book on Proquest eBook Central to see if it has the information you need - just use the search bar on the left above the Table of Contents. The purple bars show you how much your search term in that chapter. Click a chapter to see all of the places it is used. Click each use to see that part of the ebook. Remember to use speech marks " " when searching more than one word, like "veterinary nursing".

Remember to Bookmark and Highlight as you read

The Bookmark     Highlight      and Note    tools keep track of things in your ebook that you want to be able to find again later. Anything you Bookmark or Highlight will show up on your Bookshelf until you delete them.

Use the Cite function - but don't trust it!

Proquest eBook Central gives you a reference for the ebooks you look at. IT IS NOT A CORRECT APA REFERENCE. Don't trust it!

Use the information there to check against the Wintec APA Guides before you submit your assignments. Proquest eBook Central's version of APA is not the same as Wintec's.

Always use the Wintec APA Guides to make sure your reference is correct!

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