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Library for Staff: Student Research Deposit Form

Curious about how Wintec Library can help you? Here's a quick guide to what we offer.

Student Research Deposit Form

Student Research deposit form

Please submit this form either in person to Dawn Carlisle at the Wintec Library or electronically to upon completion of your project. Your work will be archived at Please allow up to a month for this process to be completed.

Author’s Name

Dissertation / Project Title

Degree Name

(Select one)



Supervision (s)


Keywords (3)

Additional info / restrictions

(Is there a viewing restriction and/or a time embargo applies to your work or if any additional information is to be added to your entry)

Availability statement

I hereby consent to the above thesis/report/poster being consulted, borrowed, copied or reproduced in accordance with the provisions of the Library Regulations from time to time made by the Academic Board.



Deposit Statements

I agree to the Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec) having the non-exclusive right to archive digitally and make publicly accessible this thesis.


I am the sole creator of this work as a whole and can archive digitally and make accessible the work. I have explicitly acknowledged in the work any significant contribution made to the work by others and the sources that I have used. I have used the Wintec APA guide to reference all my sources.

Third Party Content

I declare that if this work is archived digitally and made accessible, it will not be in breach of any agreement with a third party that has or is entitled to publish this work.

Preservation and Distribution

I agree to Wintec having the right to keep this work in any format and copy the thesis and transfer it to any format for the purposes of preservation and distribution.



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