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Library for Staff: The Wintec Research Archive

Curious about how Wintec Library can help you? Here's a quick guide to what we offer.

Wintec Research Archive

The records all have to be able to be audited, so requirements for each record has become stricter. They must all have external evidence to back up and confirm that the research has taken place as stated.

Below is the link of each Research Output we accept and the evidence required for each one. Confidential reports are covered in this document. Below are the requirements for an entry.  It really doesn’t matter if they are hidden or viewable; the metadata has to be filled out. 

For those who would like further information or help with their archiving please book a session with your Liaison Librarian. 

Please contact your Liaison Librarian with any questions about the Research Archive or send a meeting request to go through to add an archive together.

For any other questions please contact

from the Centre of Research and Innovation

Acceptable Versions of Manuscripts 

Creative Commons 

Public & Private Records 

How to fill out the Research Archive 

ORCID @ Wintec 

Research Contributions 


Why archive your research?

Why should I archive my research?

There are many reasons to archive your research:

  • Participating in the PBRF (Performance-Based Research Funding) cycle
  • Keeping track of your research outputs for professional development
  • Seeing other staff's research
  • Promoting your research as your outputs are searchable on Google and other indexes - leading to more citations/other researchers contacting you

Research books

Research books

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