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Research Skills

Information to help students find, evaluate, reference, and write for their assignments

Library, Research and Information Literacy skills

This guide will help you with the skills you need to write successful assignments.


  • How and why we research
  • The different types of assignments you will be asked to write
  • How to critically evaluate the information you find
  • Tips for writing and referencing

Information Literacy is the ability to find information, critically evaluate it and then be able to appropriately apply the information to your everyday life (and of course your assignments!)

Why do we research?           

Whether you realise it or not, research is something we are doing all the time whether it is finding out the latest sports results, looking for our dream car, shopping around for the best deal, finding a new job or reading up about your favourite musician.


The ability to research, find and evaluate information is an important part of participating in society.

When researching for your assignments, like in life, you will need to vary the methods you use to suit the topic and requirements. This section will cover the types of research you may need to do and how to get started.

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