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Trades: Websites

Helpful Videos

The Key to Keywords (1:39 min)

C.R.A.A.P (3:03 min)

Alternative Facts (2:30 min)

The CRAAP Test

What is the CRAAP Test?

The CRAAP Test is a way of assessing the quality of information.

It's a set of criteria/questions to consider to help you determine whether information is reliable and useful for your purposes.

See also the interactive CRAAP Agent module.

Evaluating Websites

Need help evaluating websites?

Search engines like Google can be a great way of quickly finding lots of information relevant to your study.  However, you have to be careful which websites you use. 

Google Scholar

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is the academic part of Google. You can search just like on normal Google, but you'll find academic information to use in your assignments.

Plus: You can search Wintec Library's databases of journal articles through Google Scholar!

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