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TESOL: APA examples

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Referencing forms

Schools and educational institutions will have forms you may need to reference in your assignments.

If they are only available on the institution's intranet, they are unrecoverable (not able to be publicly accessed). These forms are referenced as personal communication.

Printed versions of forms or forms published on the Internet can be fully referenced.

Corporate/group author. (Date). Title in italic sentence case: Subtitle in italic sentence case [Form]. URL (if applicable)

Peachgrove Intermediate. (2018). Mid year report 2018 [Form].

Referencing primary data

If you need to include a large amount of primary data in your assignment (teaching feedback forms, for example), it is not practicable to reference them individually.

In the body of your assignment, describe the method of data gathering (questionnaires or interviews, for example), its purpose, who was involved, where and when/the time-frame the data was collected.

Include the primary data in an appendix. When referring to specific primary data, direct the reader to the appendix you have included it in. For example, "According to Participant A (see Appendix C)..."

For information on how to format appendices, see here.

Referencing sources within a lesson plan

Inserting in-text citations into lesson plans can be cumbersome as space is at a premium. As lesson plans are essentially formatted within a table, a footnote system for referencing is appropriate.

See here for how to use footnotes for in-text citations within a table.

Referencing images used in handouts

When creating handouts to use in lessons, you include an in-text citation next to the image and a full reference in your lesson plan.

The in-text citation should be unobtrusive so as not to confuse your students. Create it using the smallest font you can.

You do not need to include a figure number or a title above the image.


(Mirhashemian, 2019)

For information on how to create a reference list entry (a full reference) for images, see here.

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