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APA 7th Edition Referencing Guide1

A Wintec Library guide to referencing in APA 7th edition style

What does the referencing look like in a PowerPoint presentation - where does it go?

This PowerPoint will answer all your burning questions about how to put referencing into a PowerPoint slide show.

How to provide references for copyright-safe images in visual presentations (like PowerPoint)

When using images in visual presentations, you do not need to use a figure number or title above the image.

However, you must have an in-text citation underneath the image and a full reference entry on your final slide.

(Wayhomestudio, n.d.)

Reference list entry for the final slide in your presentation

Image creator with a full name

Surname, S. (Year). Title of image in italic sentence case [Format]. Name of Website. URL

Suarez, K. (2020). Black and white computer keyboard [Photograph]. 


Image creator with a user name or a corporate author


How to reference photographs you have taken yourself

If you provide photos you have taken yourself, you do not need to reference them. This means you do not need to include an in-text citation or a full reference entry in your reference list.

However, it is good practice to indicate to your audience and your tutor where the photographs came from. Do this underneath your photo, where the in-text citation would normally go.

(Photograph taken by author)

Referencing stock images/clip art supplied by the software you are using

You do not need to provide a full reference for stock images. However, you need to indicate where you have sourced the image.

Underneath the image, provide the following information:

(Image/Photograph provided via Name of Software)

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