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Equity and Inclusion: LGBTTQIA+

"When all Americans (people) are treated as equal, no matter who they are or whom they love, we are all more free."

~~~Barack Obama~~~

How To Be A LGBTQIA+ Ally

Note. From "How to be a LGBTQIA+ Ally" [video], by AMAZE Org, 2018, August 3. YouTube. ( Copyright 2018 by AMAZE Org.

What Is Intersectionality? | Queer 101 | The Advocate

Note. From "Kimberle Crenshaw on Intersectionality" [video], by The Institute of Arts and Ideas, 2021, November 19. YouTube. ( Copyright 2021 by The Institute of Arts and Ideas.

Ngā Pukapuka / Books and eBooks

Rainbow Voices of Aotearoa New Zealand

Note. From "Rainbow voices of Aotearoa New Zealand: A focumentary dhort film:NZ parliament" [video], by NZ Parliament, 2019, July 9. YouTube. ( Copyright 2019 by NZ Parliament.

What's it like to live in New Zealand as an LGBTTQ+

Note. From "What's it like to live in new zealand as an lgbtq+" [video], by Cai and Dee, 2021, June 3. YouTube. ( Copyright 2021 by Cai and Dee.

Rauemi ipurangi / Online resources

Maurice Williamson's 'big gay rainbow' speech

Note. From "Maurice Williamson's 'big gay rainbow' speech" [video], by 1News, 2013, April 18. YouTube. ( Copyright 2013 by 1News.

LGBTQI+ Aotearoa Then & Now

Note. From "LGBTQI+ Aotearoa then & now documentary: Recommended version" [video], by Tairawhiti Production House Ltd, 2016, October 10. YouTube. ( Copyright 2016 by Tairawhiti Production House Ltd.

Decolonising Gender

Note. From "He Kākano Ahau: Episode 3: Decolonising gender & sexuality in Wellington city" [video], by RadioNZ, 2019, October 22. YouTube. ( Copyright 2019 by RadioNZ.

Kia Tupu: Evolve course for Kaimahi (Staff): Āniwaniwa 101

"Inclusivity isn't a buzzword, it's a mindset".

In our new eLearning module, you can learn how to be more inclusive towards people of all genders and backgrounds.

Join now and start your journey towards creating a more inclusive environment for our ākonga and kaimahi!

Pae Tukutuku / Websites

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