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Equity and Inclusion: Equity & Inclusion

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values, your values become your destiny.”

~~~ Mahatma Gandhi ~~~

Race and Power

Note. From "Race and power: Diversity, equity, and inclusion" [video], by Stanford Graduate School of Business, 2020, December 8. YouTube. ( Copyright 2020 by Stanford Graduate School of Business. 

Intersectionality 101

Note. From "Intersectionality 101" [video], by Learning for Justie, 2016, May 19. YouTube. ( Copyright 2016 by Learning for Justie.

Ngā Pukapuka / Books and eBooks

Humanise Diversity and Inclusion

Note. From "Humanize Diversity and Inclusion" [video], by FirstRoundCapital, 2017, March 24. YouTube. ( Copyright 2017 by FirstRoundCapital. 

The Experiment

Note. From "The experiment" [video], by Das Experiment, 2020, May 29. YouTube. ( Copyright 2020 by Das Experiment. 

Step Inside the Circle

Note. From "Step inside the circle" [video], by Fritzi Horstman, 2020, June 22. YouTube. ( Copyright 2020 by Fritzi Horstman. 

Pae Tukutuku / Websites

What do equality, diversity, equity and inclusion mean?

Note. From "What do equality, diversity, equity and inclusion mean? Equality, diversity, & inclusion training" [video], by iHasco, 2021, May 18. YouTube. ( Copyright 2021 by iHasco.

Equal opportunity?

Note. From "Equal opportunity? Different starting lines..." [video], by Jon Taylor-Cummingsn, 2017, October 9. YouTube. ( Copyright 2017 by Jon Taylor-Cummings.

Librarians for critical digital justice

Note. From "Librarians for critical digital justice" [video], by UCL Information Studies, 2023, March 25. YouTube. ( Copyright 2023 by UCL Information Studies.

Evolve Course for Kaimahi(Staff)

Copyright Disclaimer

Under YouTube’s terms of use, it is permissible to embed videos into a third party platform because it still links to the original video and statistical data is traced back to person or group that uploaded the video.

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Rauemi ipurangi / Online resources

He Ara Whakaurunga Kanorau

Note. From "He Ara Whakaurunga Kanorau: Diversity and inclusion strategy: Video 1" [video], by New Zealand Film Commission, 2022, June 3. YouTube. ( Copyright 2022 by New Zealand Film Commission.

Te Ngira

Note. From "Te Ngira: New Zealand diversity action programme" [video], by NZ Human Rights Commission, 2009, September 8. YouTube. ( Copyright 2009 by NZ Human Rights Commission.

Race & Privilege

Note. From "Race & privilege: A social experiment: Regardless of race: CNA insider" [video], by CNA Insider , 2016, August 14. YouTube. ( Copyright 2016 by CNA Insider .

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Note. From "Equality, diversity and inclusion: Open your mind" [video], by NV atCEPImperial, 2018, January 14. YouTube. ( Copyright 2018 by NV atCEPImperial.

3 Tips to Facilitate Conversations

Note. From "3 tips to facilitate conversations about eiversity, equity, and inclusion: Tea time with Jess" [video], by Education Elements, 2021, March 21. YouTube. ( Copyright 2021 by Education Elements.

Evolve Courses for Kaimahi(Staff)

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