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Information Literacy and the Library: Using the Library to embed Information Literacy

Resources and services the library offers to assist tutors with inquiry and project based learning and general information literacy skills

‚ÄčThe Library offers a range of services and resources that you can utilise and embed into your classroom practices.

Liaison Librarians

Your Liaison Librarians are available to come into your classrooms to help teach your students information literacy skills.

The types of workshops we run include:

  • Research skills
  • How to find and use the Library's resources
  • Critical thinking skills
  • APA referencing

Books and Resources

We have a range of both physical and online resources available on:

  • Information literacy
  • Inquiry learning
  • Project ideas

If you require new books and resources for your course, contact your subject librarian and provide them with a book list.  Also, if you know that you will be starting a new course, it would be great if you could get any required reading lists to your subject librarian before the course starts.

Help Guides


We have a range of LibGuides available, these include subject specific guides and "how to..." guides which are there to assist students with their research skills.  These can be found here:


We also have a YouTube channel with a variety of videos designed to help students with using the Library's resources and services.

Information Literacy Strategy

Wintec's Information Literacy Strategy can be found here

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