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Library for Staff: Presenting at a conference

Curious about how Wintec Library can help you? Here's a quick guide to what we offer.

Step 1 - Conference - Logging in

Here is the link for 'The Research Archive'

Step 1: Sign into the Research Archive

The sign in button is found at the top right hand corner of the page. 

Step 2 - Conference Deposits

Step 2: Manage Deposits

  • Find 'Manage deposits' on the taps. It will be near your name.

  • The below screen will appear. This screen will show you all the records you have in the Archive. 
    • Green means that it is in the live archive. If you want to change anything contact Dawn from the Wintec library
    • Gray means it is in the hidden archive. If you want to change anything contact Dawn from the Wintec library

Step 3 - Conference Item Type

Step 3: On the 'Item Type' page choose the type that suits. There are six different ones to choose from.

Example of page below:

Why do I need to do this? This gives us the information we need for your PBRF portfolio

  • PBRF portfolio fields - Research Output Type


Step 4 - Conference Categories and Weightings

Step 4: Choose the Category and weighting. There are a few to choose from under 12.0

Example of page below:

Step 5 - Conference Add a new document

Step 5: Attach your additional evidence,

  1. Conference proceedings
  2. Conference presentation - PowerPoint etc
  3. Written conference presentation

(note if you don't have something, write under the 'Title box' on the edit page in brackets after your title (Small conference no proceedings printed etc or oral Presentation no notes written).

Attach your Research output or any addition documentation/images/sound files etc.

Please note these should be JPEGs, HTML and PDF files


2019 changes:  A change from last year: Please add each ‘student marking sheet’ as additional evidence to your Research Contribution here and change the visibility to “Repository staff only”.  If you are supervising a researcher add some additional evidence here.

Example of page below:

Why do I need to do this? This gives us the information we need your for PBRF portfolio

  • PBRF portfolio fields - additional Evidence supporting to you research contribution.

Step 6

Step 6: Edit Item (This is the Metadata)

Below is what to put in each field: 

Title:  A complete title is needed 

Abstract or Summary:  Always add an abstract or summary about your research output. This is a description of what your research is about. 

Keywords that describe the item Add all keywords that relate to your research output.  

2019 Changes - Author/ Creator:  This is where you put the name of the main author or contributor to the output. Usually the one adding it to the archives. 

Coming Soon - Add your Orcid ID into the field next to the email 

Corporate Creators: This is usually Wintec but if another group has overall ownership of the output put that here.  

2019 Changes – Contributors: This is where you put everyone who contributed to the research output including yourself.  

Nominated Research OutputThis is where you add whether this is one of your five NRO’s that you will showcase in your PBRF portfolio at the next PBRF TEC Evaluation. 

Please note this can be changed to an ORO but it pays to put all the metadata in so that you are all prepared by the next PBRF TEC Evaluation.  

Coming soon - Choose either  

  1. NRO – Nominated Research Output (You will need 5) 

  1. ORO – Other Research Outputs (You will need up to 12) 

  1. RC - Research Contributions - (You will need up to 15) 

  1. Notes file – Put what number it is e.g. NRO 1, NROs 2, NRO 3, ORO1, ORO2 etc 

Divisions: This is important for the Research offices, as they use it to get the OVIs and your Research Leaders use it to get an overview of each school or centres outputs. 

Publication Details:  

  • Was your article peer reviewed? Important for the Quality Assured part of the PBRF portfolio.  

  • Status 

  • Journal or publication title 

  • ISSN 

  • Publisher 

  • Official URL (this is the Conference URL) 

  • Volume 

  • Number 

  • Page Range 

  • Date – make sure you have a year. Very important for PBRF and OVI stats 

  • Date Type – Was it completed, published or submitted at this time 

  • ISBN – only if a book 

  • Unique ID (e.g. doi) - Many journal articles now have a Digital Object Identifier. This must be added if there is one. 

  • 2019 Changes - URL of the full text: This is very important. Even if it only directs to the where you can pay for the article. 

  • Identification Number: only if there is one 

  • Related URLs – Any additional URLs that will help the audits to find your information 

FundersMake sure you add who was the funder for your Output. Usually its Wintec. 

Name of project: If your output comes under an umbrella project please put it here so that it becomes searchable.  If someone just searchers the project they will get all the outputs associated with it.    

Contact Email AddressIf you want to be contact about your research put your email address here. If not, the default will be the Research Office email.  

2019 Changes - References: If you have a reference list for your research output to have a complete PBRF portfolio you should add it here. 

2019 Changes - Additional information max 1050words:  This is where you can put your Individual Contribution.  

2019 Changes - Commentary max 1000words: describe the importance or impact of this piece of research.

Example of page below:


Why do I need to do this? This gives us the information we need for your PBRF portfolio, the OVI statistics and ease of Retrieval 

  • PBRF portfolio fields -
    • Title
    • Authors
    • Main Research Object Location
    • Supporting Objects’ URIs
    • Quality Assured
    • Year Available, Individual Contribution, Description
    • Output source – Bibliographic information
    • Individual Contribution
    • Description 
  • OVI statistical metadata – Titles, Wintec Divisions
  • Retrieval - This helps other people browse and search for your Research input

Step 7 - Conference Subjects

Step 7: Subjects

Choose as many subjects as relates to your Research Output. Click on the + to reveal sub categories. 

Example of page below

Step 8 - Conference Deposit Item

Step 8: Deposit Item

Here you have two options

  1. If you still have things to add then press “Save for Later”. This will mean that the Research Archive Entry will remain in your Manage Deposits area, so you can update when you want to.
  2. If you press “Deposit now” that means it gets sent to the Reviewer will check that everything is filled out completely and then hidden from view. All Research contributions will be hidden from view.

  1. Once the Reviewer is positive that the record is filled in correctly they will make it hidden until the end of the year when the review panel from each school will review them. Once they have approved them, then the reviewer will make them live or delete them from the archive. Depending on the outcome.
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