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Library for Staff: Public & Private Records

Curious about how Wintec Library can help you? Here's a quick guide to what we offer.

Light and Dark Archive

(Image: Wintec archives by Wintec)

Many different records and types of outputs are submitted into the Archive, but not all records need to be public - some are only applicable for internal use, or just for you and your manager to see. The figure above shows a few different types of outputs that may be either public or private, depending on the nature of the output. If in doubt, please do contact me or put a note with the record when you submit it. Just put the word 'Live' or 'retired' in brackets next to the title.

In Research Archive terminology:

Live: Public and available freely in the Research Archive
Retired: The record has been accepted into the Archive, but has been suppressed so is only viewable by you, Research Office staff, and the Library staff who work on the Research Archive.

File permissions

As well as making entire records public or private (live or retired), you can also leave records public, but change the privacy settings on the file. 

You can do this when you upload the file by clicking on "show options":

and then changing the options from the drop down menu in the "Visible to" section:

  • Anyone (means it is public and literally anyone can view it)
  • Registered users (users with a log-in so just Wintec staff)
  • Repository staff (you, the Research Office staff, and the Library staff who work on the Archive).
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