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Business: Finding journal articles

Business graduates can work in almost any industry. They can work for some of the biggest companies in the world, and specialise in the area that interests them most, whether its innovation and entrepreneurship, accounting, human resources, finance, etc.

Recommended databases

OneSearch displays results from all but a few of our databases, but you can search each one individually if you prefer.

Below are some useful databases for Business students.

Online Databases

Search Google Scholar

Search for academic articles, including a number from the Library databases.

To access Wintec subscribed content, you'll need to set-up your Google Scholar settings (see the Google Scholar guide).

Google Scholar Search

Journal articles

Journal articles are a great source of quality information for your assignments. Your tutors will often insist you use them in your work. The Wintec Library has both print and online journals available for you.

Pros of journal articles

  • Peer-reviewed journal articles have been checked and approved by experts. Articles are usually reliable and of high quality, but you should still watch out for inconsistencies and bias.
  • Articles tend to be short but detailed explorations of a specific topic or issue. 
  • An increasing number are full-text online—you can access them from anywhere.  Cons 
  • Their language can sometimes be very complex and technical as they are intended for an academic audience.
  • The narrow focus of articles means you may lose the context of an issue.
    They are not always useful for general or introductory information.



Figure 1. Wintec Library serials collection  (Source: Wintec Library, 2019) 

Where to find articles

To find journal articles you can:

Material found via Google Scholar should be assessed carefully to ensure that it is in fact reliable and scholarly.

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