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Business graduates can work in almost any industry. They can work for some of the biggest companies in the world, and specialise in the area that interests them most, whether its innovation and entrepreneurship, accounting, human resources, finance, etc.


(Faldo, 2020)

Leadership - Pathfinders

(Faldo, 2020)

Māori Businesses


Pūmanawa: Celebrating Māori in Business.

Features Māori operated businesses that sell or market a non-Māori product and look at the obstacles they have faced. The series also looks at the history of Māori tourism highlighting some of the famous attractions.

(Faldo, 2020)


(Faldo, 2020)

Gate to the Globe

Tim Lambourne tracks the journey of Maori exporting and celebrates the unsung heroes of the primary sector. From tennis balls at the US Open to venison at the Burj Kalifa, Maori are supplying some of the most sophisticated international markets.

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