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Pacific Knowledge: Pacific languages

This is only a few of the plethora of literature that comes from our 22,000 islands and 1200 languages that inform and inspire the legacy and lineage of relationality.


Ko toku Tokiga e mau ai toku hikohikomaga.

My culture and language consolidate my learning environment.

Kia Orana; Ni sa bula; Fakaalofa lahi atu; Gude; Talofa lava; Fakafeiloaki; Malo e lelei; Fakatalofa atu; Halo 

Introduction to the Reo

Pacific greetings, farewells and phrases

Cook Islands

Cook Islands phrase English translation
Kia Orana Greetings
Ine Please
Meitaki Maata Thank you
Kia Manuia Farewell (To go well or be well)



Fijian phrase English translation
Ni sa bula Greetings
Yalo vinaka Please
Vinaka Thank you
Au lako mada yani Excuse me (To get past someone)
Ni sa moce Goodbye



Niuean phrase English translation
Fakaalofa lahi atu Greetings
Fakamolemole Please
Fakaaue/Oue tulou Thank you
Fano a koe Farewell (said to the person leaving)
Nofo a koe Farewell (said to the person staying)
Koe kia Goodbye


Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinean phrase English translation
Gude/Hai Greetings/Hello
Plis Please
Tangkiu Thank you
Gutbai/Lukim yu bihain Goodbye



Samoan phrase English translation
Talofa lava Greetings
Fa’amolemole Please
Fa’afetai lava Thank you
Tulou Excuse me (to get past someone)
Tofā soifua Farewell

Pacific Language Weeks 2022

(Ministry of Pacific Peoples, n.d.)

Isa Lei (Fijian farewell song) - Junior Soqeta

(TheCoconetTV, 2021b)



Other Resources

Introduction to the Reo

More Pacific greetings, farewells and phrases


Tokelauan phrase English translation
Fakafeiloaki Greetings
Tālofa Ni/ Mālo Ni Hello
Fakamolemole Please
Fakafetai lahi lele Thank You
Ke manuia te aho Have a nice day
Tofa Ni Farewell



Tongan phrase English translation
Malo e lelei Greetings
Fakamolemole Please
Malo ‘Aupito Thank you
Tulou Excuse me
‘Alu a Farewell (said to the person leaving)
Nofo a Farewell (said to the person staying)



Tuvaluan phrase English translation
Fakatalofa atu Greetings
Fakamolemole Please
Fakafetai lasi Thank you
Tofa Ia Farewell



Vanuatuan phrase English translation
Halo Greetings/Hello
Nem blong mi… My name is…
Plis Please
Tangkyu Thank you
Lukim Yu See you later
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