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Pacific Knowledge: Pacific Health

This is only a few of the plethora of literature that comes from our 22,000 islands and 1200 languages that inform and inspire the legacy and lineage of relationality.

 Aaere marie e aku potiki kia kite i nga inapotea.

Go quietly my sons, so that you see many moonlights. Go slowly and be careful so that you live long.

Other resources

Pacific and Indigenous Journals

Optimising long-term condition management for Pacific People

(Health Navigator NZ, 2020b)

Pasifika Students in Health NZ

(Tagata Pasifika, 2018)

Talanoa: New Zealand's health system is letting Pacific peoples down

(Tagata Pasifika, 2021)

Delivering culturally competent care – a Pacific perspective

(Health Navigator NZ, 2020a)


Fanau Ola - a programme designed to improve Pacific

(Tagata Pasifika, 2013)

Pacific People and Health Statistics

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