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Pacific Knowledge: Pacific Worldview

This is only a few of the plethora of literature that comes from our 22,000 islands and 1200 languages that inform and inspire the legacy and lineage of relationality.

Fakataufata e mafiti he gutu mo e gahua he tau lima.

When you speak with authority, make sure you follow through with actions.


Pacific Level Up 1: The Importance of the Pacific and its People

(Kava Bowl Media, 2020)

TP+ Ep 5: What makes us Pacific Islanders?

(Tagata Pasifika, 2019)

What Pacific Islanders Want You To Know

(BuzzfeedVideo, 2017)

Other Resources

Emalani Case: Keynote Address, 2021 Center for Pacific Islands Studies Student Conference

(Center for Pacific Islands Studies, 2021)

Inside Us the Dead by Albert Wendt

(Zavadsky, 2014)

Marks of Mana Pt5 - The Evolution of Tatau

(TheCoconetTV, 2020)

The New Oceania

(Horrocks, 2014)


Tagata Pasifika - Pasifika Identity in Aotearoa Special

(Tagata Pasifika, 2014)

0:00 / 28:42 ATPS3: Final episode about the WTNW project - the podcast, the politics, the oppression, the future.

(Writing the New World, 2020)

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