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Pacific Knowledge: Aotearoa History

This is only a few of the plethora of literature that comes from our 22,000 islands and 1200 languages that inform and inspire the legacy and lineage of relationality.

He aroha whakatō, he aroha puta mai

If kindness is sown then kindness you shall receive

Deconstructing the Doctrine of Discovery

"This seminar is about deconstructing (and decolonizing) historical narratives about the colonisation of the indigenous world and an opportunity to revise and re-examine the historical record about the ‘discovery of Aotearoa" (University of Otago, 2019).

(University of Otago Wellington, 2019)

Doctrine of Discovery

The Aotearoa History Show - Episode 2 | Tangata Whenua

(The Aotearoa History Show, 2019)

The Aotearoa History Show - Episode 5 | New Zealand Wars (Part 1)

(The Aotearoa History Show, 2019)

NZ Wars: Stories of Tainui | Documentary | RNZ

(Pihama, 2021a)

Aotearoa / New Zealand History Books / eBooks

Imagining Decolonisation with Moana Jackson (BWB Talks)

(Bridget Williams Books, 2018)


Trailblazers - Dame Whina Cooper | nzherald

(The Herald, 2019)

The Aotearoa History Show S2 | Episode 2: Māori: The First 500 Years | RNZ

(The Aotearoa History Show, 2022)

The Aotearoa History Show S2 | Episode 3: Teenagers | RNZ

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