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Counselling: Point-of-Care Resources

Point-of-Care resources and tools allow health professionals to make evidence-based decisions in clinical settings. The databases and websites below give information such as drug or data sheets, drug interactions and calculators, and summaries of conditions, diagnoses or procedures. 


UpToDate (free version) has graded recommendations, drug sheets and drug-to-drug interaction information, as well as patient information for evidence-based decision making in a clinical setting.




New Zealand Formulary

The New Zealand Formulary has information for healthcare professionals prescribing, dispensing and administering medicines across community and hospital care. It has patient information leaflets (PILs), drug monographs, calculators, formulas, and an interactions checker. Is it continually updated.





Notes on Injectable Drugs (NOIDS)

NOIDS has monographs on over 200 injectable medicines in use in New Zealand.

Note: these monographs are not intended to replace local guidelines, nor to provide prescribing information. Users should consult local guidelines, manufacturer’s Medicine Data Sheets and New Zealand Formulary for full prescribing information. This website is continually updated.

Lippincott Advisor

Lippincott Advisor ANZ has evidence-based nursing reference information and clinical-decision support information on diseases, conditions, symptoms, diagnostic tests, treatments, drugs and more.
It is the companion database to Lippincott Procedures; you can consider Advisor as the “Why” to complement Procedures’ “How”.



Medsafe is the New Zealand Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Authority. It is the authority responsible for the regulation of therapeutic products in New Zealand. Medsafe has data sheets on drugs in use in New Zealand.



DynaMed has answers to clinical point-of-care questions such as condition, evaluation, management and drug prescription. It also has medical equations and calculators.



The JBI EBP Database, in collaboration with the Joanna Briggs Institute, offers tools and content including systematic reviews, evidence summaries, best practice information sheets, and more, to inform evidence-based research and practice in healthcare.

Lippincott Procedures

Lippincott Procedures is a point-of-care guide, with a focus on nursing. It has evidence-based clinical procedures which include skills checklists and quick lists. It is customised for New Zealand.




Nursing Reference Centre Plus

Nursing Reference Centre Plus is an EBSCOhost database for nurses covering diseases, skills, drugs, management, patient education, and continuing education. It has evidence-based care sheets, drug monographs, care plans, books, quick lessons, videos and more.

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