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Counselling: Types of Reviews

Review Types
Graphic based on the work of  Sutton et al., (2019) on 'Review Families'.


Clearly articulate the research question or objective of the review. This will guide the entire process. 



Extract relevant data from the selected studies using a standardized form. This includes information on study design, participants, interventions or exposures, outcomes, and other pertinent data. 



Determine specific criteria for selecting studies, including the type of studies, population, interventions or exposures, outcomes, and any other relevant factors.



Assess the quality and risk of bias of the included studies. This step typically involves evaluating the study design, methodology, sample size, data collection, and potential sources of bias. More...


Develop a comprehensive search strategy to identify relevant studies. This typically involves searching electronic databases, such as PubMed, & CINAHL Ultimate, as well as additional sources like grey literature.



Interpret the findings of the review, considering the strengths, limitations, and implications of the included studies. 



Independently screen and evaluate the identified studies based on the predetermined inclusion and exclusion criteria. This usually involves multiple reviewers, and any disagreements are resolved through discussion or a third-party arbiter. More...


Consider submitting your systematic review for peer review and publication in a reputable journal to ensure the quality and validity of the work. 




Different types of reviews:

review comparison chart



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Sutton, A., Clowes, M., Preston, L., & Booth, A. (2019). Meeting the review family: Exploring review types and associated information retrieval requirements. Health Information & Libraries Journal36(3), 202-222.

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