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Counselling: General Academic Databases

General academic databases cover a wide range of subjects and content. They may have but are not restricted to health-related content and can be a good place to start a general search. They include journal articles, research articles, literature reviews and more. 


OneSearch is one of the best ways to search for quality academic research and literature, including journal articles. It searches multiple Wintec library databases simultaneously, including EBSCO, ProQuest, CINAHL and more, giving you results in one place. 

To access OneSearch resources, make sure you are logged into your library account first.

ProQuest Central

ProQuest Central is a large comprehensive database covering a multitude of smaller topical databases. Its sub-databases can be searched simultaneously or individually. Topical health databases include Biological Science, Health & Medical, Nursing & Allied Health, Public Health, Science, and more.


O’Reilly for Higher Education focusses on business and IT but also has content on medical science, psychology and biology. It provides access to over 35,000 e-books, over 30,000 hours of video and more. Mobile app is not available.


NZ Research at Digital NZ

NZ Research at Digital NZ is the new home for It is New Zealand’s most comprehensive selection of research papers and related resources. It has links to peer-reviewed and other research from New Zealand universities, polytechnics, and research organisations. It also has theses, books, journal articles, reports, papers, moving images and more.


ETV for students has videos from over 40 broadcast television and internet channels including Freeview, SKY and YouTube. Under the terms and conditions of ETV and the Screenrights Licensing Scheme, and for educational use only, videos can be viewed, linked, embedded and shown in class.  

Click here for staff access to ETV.


EBSCOhost is a multi-disciplinary database covering a huge range of topics. Its sub-databases can also be searched simultaneously. Health topics include science, biomedicine, health science, nursing, allied health, sports medicine, psychology and business health.

It has journal articles, news articles, magazines, ebooks and much more. 

Science Direct

Science Direct is a multi-disciplinary database, including life sciences and health sciences.

Resources include journal and research articles, books, book chapters, encyclopedia entries, practice guidelines and more.



AVON (Academic Video Online or Alexander Street) has video resources on topics including underserved populations, racial trauma, veterans, PTSD, compassion fatiguetherapy, psychopharmacology, psychology, neuroscience, LGBTQ, and research methods for courses in counselling and social work.

Index New Zealand (INNZ)

Index New Zealand is a searchable database that contains abstracts and descriptions of articles from about 1000 New Zealand and South Pacific periodicals and newspapers published from the 1950s to the present day. It is part of the National Library of New Zealand.


NZ Herald

The NZ Herald is an online news site with the latest breaking news articles, photos, videos, blogs, reviews, analysis, opinion and reader comment from New Zealand and around the world.

Access is through Moodle (click on the above link). From there, you will need to create a NZ Herald account with your Wintec email.





DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals) has over 8 million journal articles and 19,000 indexed journals on a variety of subjects, including medicine and science




CORE aggregates open access research from repositories and journals worldwide. It facilitates free unrestricted access to research from over 263 million research papers on a huge range of topics. 

Research Data Australia

Research Data Australia covers a broad spectrum of research fields from Australian government, universities, and research organisations. Health-related topics include biological, health, medical, psychological and cognitive sciences. Much of the data is immediately accessible and free to use (subject to license conditions). 

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