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The Library: Library Card

An introduction to the Libraries at Wintec.

     Your Wintec ID Card     

Your Wintec card is your official Wintec identification card.

You will need it to:

  • Enter Wintec buildings after normal hours
  • Use the oncampus multi-function devices (MFDs) to print and copy
  • Use certain services, like the ITS Service Help Desk

Every new Wintec student should be issued a free card during the Enrolment process. If you do not have an ID card, you must contact Enrolment and get one!

If you lose or break your Wintec ID card, you can get a replacement. It is $30 for a new card.

My Wintec Library Account

You can login to your Library Account any time, from anywhere - even on your phone!

Click the Login to My Library Account link on the Library website (or the link above), and type in your Wintec username and password.

On your Wintec Library Account you can see:

  • What items you have borrowed
  • When they are due


  • You can request to renew items! (You get three renew per item.)

If you login from the link on the Wintec Library website, you will can see your Account details right away.

If you login using the link in the Catalogue, click the My Account link to see your details.

Library Email Notifications - and Library texts!

You'll get emails and texts from the Library when your item is about to be due, and when an item is overdue*. You will get a text confirming enrolled with an option to “opt out” of text alerts.  If you opt out you will get emails instead. 

Sometimes you might get an email telling you that your item has been recalled. This means another student has requested it, and is waiting for it. You MUST return the item by the new Due Date in the email. If you're keen to recall a book yourself, click this link to learn more.

Contact Us

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