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The Library: Regulations

Helpful information about library resources, staff, borrowing and more

Library Regulations

The purpose of these regulations is to facilitate the use of the Wintec Libraries resources and services.

  • Unless stated otherwise, the regulations apply to all libraries administered by the Library Manager.
  • "Item" means any book, periodical, video, computer disk or electronic storage material, manuscript, map, microform or any other material in the custody of the Library Manager.
  • All users must comply with Wintec's Technology Use Policy when using electronic resources offered by the Library.
  • Any penalties imposed for breaching these regulations will fall within the framework of the Academic Regulations for students.


Admission to the Library

Admission to the Library is conditional upon observance of the Library regulations and all users are presumed to know these regulations.

  • The facilities of the Library are open to all current members of staff and students of Wintec.
  • Staff and students from any institution that shares a reciprocal arrangement​ with Wintec Library may use the facilities pursuant to the policies and procedures in that arrangement. Such “reciprocal borrowers” agree to the sharing of relevant borrower information between libraries of these institutions.​
  • Staff and senior students of designated Waikato secondary schools may make use of Library facilities under the school borrowers' scheme.
  • People may request to use the library by submitting a written application demonstrating a need to use Wintec Library. Admission as a subscribed borrower is at the discretion of the Library Manager. An annual fee is payable.
  • The general public may use the Library for the purpose of research or study, but borrowing items or use of the Library's electronic databases is not permitted.


Borrowing Privileges

  • Your student ID card is also your library card. Borrowers must not allow other people to use their library card.
  • Items must not be removed from the Library unless they have been borrowed in accordance with the regulations.
  • Every item borrowed is the responsibility of the borrower until it has been returned.
  • Items which have been borrowed must not be lent to anyone else nor will an item be issued in the name of another borrower.
  • Borrowing privileges for the various categories of books for staff and students are as determined by the Library Manager, for details see Borrowing information.
  • Borrowers are expected to return material to the Library by the due date; failure to do so will result in penalties.
  • Library users are required to comply with loan rules and policies for the use of the facilities and services provided in the Library.
  • Library users must comply with Copyright Laws and Licence's when using electronic resources and Library items.
  • Items obtained through Interloan can be subject to such special conditions as imposed by the lending library.
  • Items borrowed from the Library must not be taken overseas unless special permission has been obtained from the Library Manager.
  • All changes to email and physical addresses must be reported as soon as possible to the Student Enrollment & Information Centre. Failure to do this will not be taken as an excuse for non-receipt of Library correspondence.

The right of using or borrowing from the Library can be restricted or withdrawn by the Library Manager as a penalty for breaching the Library regulations. Any such penalty is subject to appeal through the normal channels. Please see Discipline Regulations for Students for more details.


Conduct in the Library

Any disorderly conduct in the Library or any behaviour which unfairly inconveniences other users or causes damage or the risk of damage to items from the Library collection and library furniture constitutes a breach of the Regulations. Library users are expected to behave in a manner appropriate to use a public place. Users are expected to:

  • Take into account the needs of other library users.
  • Obey instructions given by members of the library staff on duty who are deemed to be acting with the authority of the Library Manager.
  • Conduct themselves quietly.
  • Consume food and beverages within the Library in a manner that does not compromise the use of the Library by others.
  • Accept full responsibility for their personal belongings while in the Library.
  • Use only the prescribed entrances and exits.
  • Show books, cases etc. to a member of Library staff if requested to do so.
  • Obey any emergency procedures in the event of an emergency alert.
  • Treat the Library's resources, property and equipment with due care.
  • Children are permitted in the Library with an adult who is responsible for their behaviour at all times.
  • Anyone behaving inappropriately may be asked to leave. Harassment of any kind in the Library will not be tolerated. Offenders will be asked to leave and official procedures may be initiated.
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