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Using MyLearning & Moodle

A short introduction to MyLearning and Moodle at Wintec

There's a lot of technology at Wintec, and it can be tough to get your head around all of it. We've created this guide to give you a head start on what to expect and how it all works.

Wintec has two main online systems that you will use regularly, MyLearning and Moodle. This guide will introduce you to both, as well as how to login on computers on and off campus. We also have email, online storage, computers that you can book on campus, MFDs (machines that print, scan, and copy), multi-use ID cards, and more.

Need Help?

Don't forget, the ITS Student Help Desk is right outside the Library to help with any IT issues.

If you have questions regarding MyLearning, Moodle, or how to use the multi-function devices, they're the folks you want to see.

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