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Using MyLearning & Moodle

A short introduction to MyLearning and Moodle at Wintec

Outlook Email for Wintec

Outlook Email @ Wintec

Your Wintec email is Microsoft Outlook. You will find Outlook in the app menu on the top bar of MyLearning.

Click on the app menu:   

to find Outlook:  

Then click on Outlook to access your email inbox and to compose new emails.

Your Wintec login username is the first part of your email address:

All of your tutors and support staff can be emailed at:

Your Outlook will look similar to this:


Forwarding your emails from your Wintec account to your personal email

Your tutors and Wintec will contact you using this email so make sure you check it or forward you Wintec email to an email address that you use. Instructions on how to do this is below.

1. Click on the settings symbol  at the top right of your email. It is circled below in red. 

2. Scroll down until you find the word 'mail'. Circled below in red.

3. Look on the left-hand side menu under accounts for 'forwarding'.


4. Choose 'Start forwarding'. Then type in the email address you check most often. 

5. Press 'Save'.

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