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Using MyLearning & Moodle

A short introduction to MyLearning and Moodle at Wintec

Tips for using Moodle

Moodle Tips

Every tutor's Moodle course will be different, but there are a few things about Moodle that apply to all Moodle courses. This is a list of handy Moodle tips to make sure you do your best as you study online.

1. Know what is expected of you on Moodle!

What assignments do you have, and when are they due? Do you have to participate in forums? In chats? Go over your Moodle course and your course paperwork carefully, and make sure you're doing everything you need to. You don't want to miss out on participation points or points for a quiz or tasks because you weren't paying attention!

2. Check Moodle every day, (and check your Wintec email every day too).

You need to stay on top of what your tutor is saying on Moodle, and what changes they've made or what new assignments or tasks they may have set up for you. Don't let yourself get behind, because your tutor can watch your progress through their Moodle course.

If your Wintec email isn't one you check regularly, ask at the ITS Student Help Desk about getting your Wintec email forwarded to an email address you do check. It's our main way of getting in touch with you!

3. Your tutor can see what parts of the site you've accessed, what files you've downloaded, what tasks you've completed, what comments you've made in forums, and what assignments you've uploaded. If it's on Moodle, your tutor can see it.

Stay on top of your Moodle coursework, because your tutor will know if you haven't. If parts of your Moodle course aren't working or you're having trouble using them, make sure you tell your tutor as soon as possible, so you can get help from ITS to sort it out.

4.  Once you upload an assignment on Moodle, you're stuck.

Moodle doesn't allow you to delete a file and upload a new one. Check and double-check that you are uploading the right assignment or the right version of the assignment you want when you submit on Moodle. If you accidentally submit the wrong one, tell your tutor as soon as you find out, and send them the correct one. Hopefully you'll be able to work something out!

5. Moodle isn't private!

Think carefully about what you put in your profile and what say in forums or to your friends in class in a chat session - you're talking in a public space. Consider how you're coming across to your classmates and your tutors. Don't say anything you wouldn't say to someone's face.

Take personal conversations off of Moodle, and always, ALWAYS be respectful of others. The Wintec Student Code of Conduct strictly prohibits any kind of harassment or discrimination, and it will not be tolerated either in person or online.


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