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Using MyLearning & Moodle

A short introduction to MyLearning and Moodle at Wintec

What is Moodle?

What is Moodle?

Moodle is Wintec's learning management system. All of your courses at Wintec will have an online Moodle course attached to them, run by your tutor. Some tutors use their Moodle courses a lot, and other use them less, but knowing about and using Moodle is a really important part of being a student at Wintec. It's can be a bit overwhelming at first, so we'll try to make it easier to get to know.

Moodle courses

What does Moodle look like?

Every course you take at Wintec will have a Moodle course, and every Moodle course will look different, but everyone at Wintec has the same Moodle menu and options.

When you enter Moodle, it will look something like this:


What do I need to know to get started?

The top banner

The top banner gives you access to your Mahara (eportfolio) account, back to MyLearning, the dashboard which is the main page, Microsoft office, and the Academic Learning Toolkit.


Course Overview

These are the Moodle courses your tutors have set up for the Wintec courses you are enrolled in. Clicking on the tile will open up to your Moodle course. Each tile is a different Moodle course. You will need to check your Moodle courses every day to make sure you are up to date with your assignments and other coursework.



The dark grey panel at the bottom stays the same on each page and give you access to the different support services at Wintec. The Help Centre contains a lot of links to useful help here at Wintec. Whether you need to contact your Subject Librarian, get help with an assignment from Student Learning Services (SLS), or ask ITS a question, this will link you to Wintec support services.


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