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Using MyLearning & Moodle

A short introduction to MyLearning and Moodle at Wintec

Logging in at home, or on a device @ Wintec

Logging in at home, or on a device @ Wintec

To login from home, or from your own device on a Wintec campus:

1. Open any browser:

2. Go to

3. Log in using your Wintec username and password.

You can also find a link to MyLearning in the bottom grey bar on the Wintec public website, accessible at You may be asked for your Wintec login information at various times while using Wintec online resources.

WiFi internet at Wintec

Using WiFi internet at Wintec


As a student you only need to worry about one of the Wintec wifi internet connections, WintecFreeWiFi.


This is free wifi internet at Wintec. When you try to connect you will be asked for Wintec login information.

If you are not a Wintec student or staff member, you can select Guest access to give your mobile phone number and a login code will be texted to your phone. This code will allow you to connect to the WintecFreeWiFi network for 7 days. After 7 days, you will need to get a new code.



An easier way of getting onto MyLearning is:

1. Go to Google

2. Type in 'Wintec'

3. Open the Wintec Homepage

4. Click on the MyLearning link at the top left-hand side.

5. Log in using your Wintec username and password.

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