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Photography: Journals

A photography career offers the opportunity to work anywhere from a local wedding to the Olympics. Many photographers work for newspapers, or are employed on a freelance basis by advertising agencies, businesses, or individuals.

Key Print & Online Journals

Web designerWeb Designer is the premier magazine for aspiring online creatives and industry professionals

Computer artsThe world’s leading magazine for graphic designers. Computer Arts is available in print and digitally on iPad, Zinio, Google Play, Nook and more...

Creative Review - Creative Review has been bring the creative community together since 1980, first as a print magazine and now across more platforms than ever. We deliver th esharpest opinion, analysis and advice on life in the creative industries, with a focus on insight, leadership, process and inspiration. 

Communications ArtsPrint publication showcasing exceptional design, advertising, illustration, photography, interactive and typography.

Finding Items with OneSearch

Use OneSearch to search across Wintec Library's resources with one search box

You can use OneSearch to search across almost all of the Library's resources at once.  Have a look at the tips below to find out how it works.

  Finding Items with OneSearch

When you first type something into OneSearch, it searches almost everything that Wintec Library has, and you might get more than a million results. Here we'll show you how to search for different kinds of resources: print books, CDs, DVDs, online ebooks, and academic journal articles.

A few tips to get you started...

1. Start simple.

It's easiest to start with a basic search in the OneSearch box and then change it once you have you results. If you're an expert already, you can also use the Advanced Search for your initial search.

2. Remember, you are seeing almost everything Wintec Library has - and that's a lot!

OneSearch looks through all of what Wintec Library has and gives you the best result for what you have searched. Your initial search might find you just what you need - or it might not. Too many results can be confusing, so use the limiters on the left of the results screen to change what you see in your results.

3. Follow through the help topics below.

Don't forget you can also go to your Liaison Librarian and the library help desk if you have any questions.

Start your search!


Why use Journal articles?

Journals & journal articles
Journals and journal articles are among the most useful resources for your assignments. Your tutors will likely insist that you refer to journal articles in your work.

The Wintec Library provides access to a range of online databases with quality journal articles for you to use. There is also a large collection of print journals, serials, and magazines available in the Library. 

Advantages of journal articles

Peer-reviewed journal articles have been written by experts and checked by other experts in the field before publication, so you can be confident the information is of high quality. (You should still think critically about the information, however, and check it against other sources for inconsistencies and bias).

►Journal articles tend to be short but focused examinations of an issue, and often present original and up-to-date theory or knowledge on a subject.

►An increasing number are full-text online, so you can search and view them when away from campus.

Disadvantages of journal articles

►Because journal articles are usually intended for an academic audience, their language is often very complex and technical.

►The narrow focus of an article can mean that you lose the context, or bigger picture, of the issue.

While peer-reviewed journal articles offer the most academic information, you might also refer to trade journals, magazines, and news articles, depending on your assignment topic and the field in which you're studying.

Finding academic journal articles

     Finding academic journal articles from the databases with OneSearch

1. Under the Format limiter, select (you might also want to select  and/or ) and allow OneSearch to update.

2. You are now seeing only academic journal articles from the Wintec Library databases. Click to see and read an article in PDF format. Click to save the article to your OneDrive or to a USB device.

Limiting your search

Limiting and expanding your results


     Changing the date of your results on OneSearch

1. Click on the box of the year you want to change.

2. Delete the year given and enter the year you would like. Press Enter on your keyboard to allow OneSearch to update.

3. You should now be seeing results only from the date range indicated. You can change these dates again if you like.

4. To limit by months and years, click  below the date range.


Use Advanced search to easily search for different combinations of Keywords

(using and / or / not)

Use " " to search for a phrase and * to search for different possible word endings.


     Can't remember what limiters you set?

You can always click Current Search to see what limiters you have set on your search:

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