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Built Environment: Health & Safety

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Referencing legislation

Referencing New Zealand Legislation

The Publication Manual provides guidelines for referencing US laws/statutes only. As such, there are no definitive APA rules for referencing New Zealand legislation, legal cases, etc. Therefore, this guide uses the New Zealand Law Foundation's New Zealand Law Style Guide (3rd ed.) to reference parliamentary and legal material. You can access New Zealand legislation here.


Referencing NZ Standards

Referencing New Zealand Standards

When referencing New Zealand Standards, include the standard number in brackets after the title. For example:

Standards New Zealand. (Date). Title of standard in italic title case (Standard No. xxxx). 

Standards New Zealand. (2010). Land development and subdivision infrastructure (Standard No. 4404).




Following NZ Standards is an important part of Health and Safety for you and your customers.  See the databases page in this guide for more information on standards.

Help Guide: Standards New Zealand Database

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