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Need help evaluating websites?

Search engines like Google can be a great way of quickly finding lots of information relevant to your study.  However, you have to be careful which websites you use.  Use this CRAAP test guide to help you evaluate websites you find.

Have you tried using Google Scholar?  Google scholar takes you to academic articles online.  Check out this useful guide.

How to reference a webpage

Referencing a webpage with an individual author

When referencing a webpage, use the most specific date possible (the full date if known). Italicise the title of the individual webpage and, if the webpage has an individual (rather than corporate/group) author, include the name of the website (not in italics) before the URL.

Author, A. (Date). Title of webpage in italic sentence case. Name of Website in Title Case. URL

Werneburg, B. L. (2017). Improve your relationships with better communication.  Mayo Clinic. 

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