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Kaimahi: Wintec Research kete o te wānanga: Ranga'ao at Wintec

In line with Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) requirements, our students benefit from our academic staff being active researchers who keep abreast of and contribute to knowledge creation in their respective fields.

Seʻi luaʻi lou le ʻulu taumamao

Pick the breadfruits on the far-off branches first

Research Methodology: Pūrongo / Journal Articles

Pacific Research Models

Library Putunga Hōtuku / Databases










If you need a book, article, or other material that is not available in the Wintec Library collections, your Subject Librarian can request it from another New Zealand library. 

Email to request an Interloan.

Rauemi Ipurangi / Online Resources


Kaiārahi Pacific: Leni Lolohea

A role that leads, facilitates and supports Pacific transition and research development.


Module 1 - Lecture 2 - Pacific Research Methodologies

Note. From "Module 1 : Lecture 2: Pacific research methodologies" [video], by Pacific Studies MOOCn, 2016, July 28. YouTube. ( Copyright 2016 by Pacific Studies MOOCn.

In the Beginning Was the Ocean

Note. From "In the beginning was the ocean" [video], by Museums Victoria, 2019, September 16. YouTube. ( Copyright 2019 by Museums Victoria.

Dr Emalani Case - Lecturer in Pacific Studies

Note. From "Dr Emalani Case: Lecturer in Pacific studies" [video], by Victoria University of Wellington, 2018, October 19. YouTube. ( Copyright 2018 by Victoria University of Wellington.

Damon Salesa, Associate Professor of Pacific Studies

Note. From "Damon Salesa: Associate professor of Pacific studies" [video], by University of Auckland: Waipapa Taumata Rau, 2018, May 18. YouTube. ( Copyright 2018 by University of Auckland: Waipapa Taumata Rau.

Dr. Gemma Malungahu - Strengthening Pacific Indigenous approaches to research and learning.

Note. From "Dr. Gemma Malungahu: Strengthening Pacific Indigenous approaches to research and learning" [video], by Pasifika Educators, 2021, December 22. YouTube. ( Copyright 2021 by Pasifika Educators.

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