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APA 7th Edition Referencing Guide1

A Wintec Library guide to referencing in APA 7th edition style

How do I reference multiple pages from one website?

As each webpage has a unique URL, create a separate reference list entry for each individual page. Alphabetise according to page title. If the pages have the same date, distinguish by adding lowercase letters after the date—e.g., (2014a) or (n.d.-a).


Reference list entries

Manatū Hauora. (2018a). Cardiovascular disease

Manatū Hauora. (2018b). Heart and diabetes checks

Manatū Hauora. (2022). Heart disease

In-text citations


...(Manatū Hauora, 2018a, para. 3).


According to Manatū Hauora (2018a), ...(para. 3).    


Reference list entries

Fieldays. (n.d.-a). Business

Fieldays. (n.d.-b). Media centre: Exhibition

Fieldays. (n.d.-c). Visitor centre: Event

In-text citations

Parenthetical                      Parenthetical

Fieldays (n.d.-a)...                (Fieldays, n.d.-a).

Fieldays (n.d.-b)...                (Fieldays, n.d.-b).

Fieldays (n.d.-c)​...                (Fieldays, n.d.-c).

How can I reference a specific section of a webpage?

When citing a web page you should, where practicable, use section headings and/or paragraph numbers to direct the reader to the specific section of the page from which you took information.

Number the paragraphs from under that particular heading, don't count from the top of the webpage.

The heading is added to the in-text citation after the year and with the word section after it. See the example below.

If each page you use has a separate URL, you need to reference them separately. In text, list the author (often corporate), date and the section heading and/or paragraph.


Reference list entry

Department of Conservation. (n.d.). Podocarp-hardwood forests

In-text citations


Climate is a significant factor in influencing the type of forest that gets established (Department of Conservation, n.d., Podocarp facts section, para. 2).



  • If the heading is especially long, use a shortened version. For example “Mandatory Labeling has Targeted Information Gaps and Social Objectives” becomes simply "Mandatory Labeling".
  • If there are no section headings but paragraphs are clearly defined, count from the first paragraph and give the relevant number of the paragraph from which you have taken information

How do I reference a whole website?

When referring to the entirety of a website generally, simply include the URL in your discussion. No reference list entry is necessary. For example:

The New Zealand History website ( features a number of useful interactive resources for teachers.

What is a DOI?

A Digital Object Identifier, or DOI, is a unique code/series of numbers used to identify an electronic resource and provide a reliable link to its location online. A DOI looks similar to a URL but unlike URLs, which can change or stop working entirely, a DOI is a permanent link to a particular resource.

DOI presentation

DOIs on Onesearch may look like this:

However, DOIs should only be presented as follows:

Do this for all DOIs, including ones that look like or DOI: 123.456.789.

If a resource is accompanied by a DOI, you should always include the DOI when referencing
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