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APA 7th Edition Referencing Guide1

A Wintec Library guide to referencing in APA 7th edition style
These guidelines have been created with undergraduate assessment in mind. For postgraduate research/assessment or work intended for publication, consider carefully the use of material uploaded to Moodle and where possible reference the material in its original source. For more information, consult the Publication Manual or ask your Liaison Librarian

Referencing material uploaded to Moodle (e.g., lecture notes, PowerPoint slides)

When referencing material that has been made available on your class Moodle page you should, wherever possible, reference the information in its original source. 

However, if your tutor is the creator of the material:

  • Cite your tutor as the author.
  • Give the year (or, for lecture notes, the full date on which the lecture was delivered).
  • Give the title of the material (if known) in italic sentence case.
  • Include a description of the material in square brackets—e.g., [PowerPoint slides] or [Lecture notes on...].
  • Give the title of the site, i.e. Moodle@Wintec.
  • Provide a URL to the class Moodle page. Since the audience for your work (i.e., your tutors) is likely to have access to your class Moodle page, it is acceptable to link to it directly.

For example:

Author, A. (Date). Title of material in italic sentence case [Format/description of material]. Moodle. URL

Smith, A. (2018). Week 7: A model of nursing care [PowerPoint slides]. Moodle@Wintec. URL here 

Jones, B. (2019, March 9). [Lecture notes on early childhood teaching]. Moodle@Wintec. URL here 


Reference list entry

Smith, A. (2018). Week 7: A model of nursing care [PowerPoint slides]. Moodle@Wintec. URL

In-text citations

Slide numbers are optional for paraphrased information.

According to Smith (2018) ... (slide 3).

... (Smith, 2018, slide 3).


Reference list entry

Jones, B. (2019, March 9). [Lecture notes on early childhood teaching]. Moodle@Wintec. URL 

In-text citations

Jones (2019) argues that ...

... (Jones, 2019).

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